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Learn how to Engage your Intuition to Transform your Life – and your holidays!

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With this challenge you will get...

Daily Guided Meditations

Each morning a recording of the previous evening's guided meditation will pop into your inbox. Use them over and over to change your life one step at a time.

Daily FB Live Trainings

Join me in The Dragonfly Den each day at 5:30 p.m. Pacific/8:30 p.m. Eastern for a short teaching on the steps to intuitively close out old narratives, and a guided meditation to put it all together.

Chance to Win Prizes

Post what you receive in your guided meditation to the thread in The Dragonfly Den Facebook group or email your responses to [email protected] and be entered to win intuition-centered prizes!

During this guided meditation challenge, you’ll transform your life - and your holidays! 

Aren't you ready for a bit of ease this winter holiday?

Each day Emilah offers a short teaching on intuition and leads you through a step-by-step process of closing out old narratives. We will work on identifying the values, beliefs, and behaviors that hold you in place so we can release and replace those narratives to create more ease in your life. 

The truth of it is, without living a life of intention, we tend to wander all over the place. Using deeply held values – soul-inspired values – when making decisions allows us to make choices that serve us and our loved ones.  This challenge gives you the opportunity to release the values and narratives that no longer serve and replace them with new ones that do.

What better time to master this than when we’re heading into the busiest season of the year? 

In the challenge you will:

  • Learn to use guided meditation to hear intuitive guidance more clearly. 
  • Identify a place you are stuck and/or, suffering or something you are dreading.
  • Identify the values not being met and the underlying belief holding them in place. 
  • Release the underlying belief. 
  • Replace the underlying belief with one that IS aligned with your values. 
  • Make a request of yourself or others to do something differently that DOES align with your values. 

The Guided Meditation Challenge is an introduction to a program Emilah is offering in January 2022 entitled Looking Back, Dreaming Forward: A 6-Week Journey to Compost, Co-Create, and Celebrate your Life!  Content, dates, and pricing will be reviewed during Day 3 of the Challenge. The cart (registration) will be open December 3-10, 2021. 

What to expect...

  • Each day Emilah will go live in The Dragonfly Den Facebook group at 5:30 p.m. Pacific/8:30 p.m. Eastern. 
  • Recordings of the teachings and guided meditation will be posted to The Dragonfly Den and emailed to you the next morning along with the homework.
  • You'll post your daily guided meditation homework to the thread in The Dragonfly Den for a chance to win three intuition-centered prizes.
  • On Day 3, be the first to hear the details about Looking Back Dreaming Forward: A 6-Week Journey to Compost, Co-Create, and Celebrate your Life!.

Disclaimer: To be eligible for prizes, you must:

  1. Either post your homework to the appropriate thread in Facebook
  2. OR email your homework to Emilah at [email protected]

All homework is due Monday, December 6 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern/8:59 p.m. Pacific.

Prizes will be drawn at random from the names of the people who have completed all three homework assignments and posted them in the appropriate thread in the Dragonfly Den. 

Winners will be announced on December 9 in the Dragonfly Den, so be sure to check back!

Who is Emilah Dawn DeToro?

Astrologers tell me I’m here to live a spiritual life—to go deep, burn off karma (inherited patterns of behavior), heal the trauma I carry within me, and evolve into a more authentic, healthy expression of my soul.

I carry the frequency of transformation in my being—whomever I’m with, wherever I am, change is sure to follow. I also have a remarkable capacity for presence—holding unconditional, empathic space. I was in a rollover car accident in 2004 that cracked open my being allowing psychic, intuitive and energy healing gifts to flow through me.

Given all this, I’m often a catalyst for change—helping people clear out patterns of behavior and stagnant stuff that no longer serves and adopt new ways of being, thinking and creating. Transformation with a capital T, as I like to say.

Whether you’re looking to develop or affirm your intuition or make changes in your career, relationships, health or spirituality (or all of the above), I’m here to serve as a coach and guide. To be who and what I already am—an intuitive, coach, energy healer and change agent—and support you in becoming who you already are underneath all those patterns of behavior that no longer serve.

My Mission: I coach, teach, and empower people to engage their intuition, put themselves at the center of their lives, and trust themselves and the guidance they receive. 

You can find me in Santa Fe, NM with my husband Jacob Gotwals, our two cats (siblings Manu and Dora) and two dogs (Maisy and Reggie). I love yoga, walking in nature, and laughing!

Join the Free 3-Day Challenge

Engage your Intuition to Transform your Life – and your holidays!